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Feeling lost? Experiencing dramatic life changes? 
Tired of the superficial and seeking the profound?

Welcome to 
Your Awakening

The Bell Garden provides transcendent sonic experiences

for healing, meditation, and relaxation.


About The Bell Garden

My name is Rick Plautz, I'm a sound bath facilitator that provides transcendent sound baths for individuals, groups and retreats.


My focus is on profound relaxation through frequency and vibration, specifically to help your body get out of the 'fight or flight' sympathetic nervous system and into 'rest and digest' parasympathetic system.

The Sound Bath Package

The elements of my sound bath offering:

Crystal Singing Bowls

Curated Music

Resonant Vocal Toning

Relaxing Mood Lighting

Foggy Lake

Being the most joyous version of yourself is the grandest rebellion.

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